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  The New Parents Guide - Seal of Approval

Are you looking for the perfect baby gift?
Well you have come to the right place!

Give a present that is stylish, unique and useful for the new Mom or Dad!

Our Diaper Cakes are the trendy and fashionable gift for Moms and Dads who are celebrating a new little addition to the family. Our popular, handmade collection of diaper cakes offer the perfect gift idea for the new or expecting Moms or Dads in your life and will provide a beautiful statement centerpiece for any baby shower.

1. Quantity.
Our Diaper Cakes contain the largest number of diapers per cake that you will find on any other site. Our competitive prices, along with our top quality diaper cakes, offer our customers the best value anywhere.

2. Our Dedication to Customer Service.
We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality service. That is why with every step, from ordering your diaper cake until the moment your diaper cake is delivered, we commit our personal attention to every detail. We take great care in making sure every diaper cake is assembled securely for
shipping so that your diaper cake will arrive in the best condition possible.
If you have any questions please contact us at sales@aprilshowerscakes.com

3. Quality promise.
Our motto is "Made by Mothers, for Mothers" and that is why at AprilShowersCakes.com, we guarantee that all baby products used in the creation of our diaper cakes are made by trusted and reputable companies. Brand name, quality products like Pampers™, Piccolo Bambino™, Carters™, Playgro™ and Johnson's™. For more information visit our Product Information page

4. "Upsize" your Diaper Cake.
We now offer our customers the option to "Upsize" their Diaper Cake.
With size 3, Pampers Baby Dry™ diapers and 6 months pacifiers and socks, this is the perfect option for babies up to 6 months old.
How to "Upsize" your order:
After choosing your diaper cake and adding it to the shopping cart, click on the option to "Upsize" your diaper cake on the order page.

See the individual pages for the list of products for each diaper cake.
If you have any questions please contact us at

5. "The Complete Baby Shower Package."
Along with our large selection of diaper cakes, we also offer our customers a free "Complete Baby Shower Package" Once a customer has selected and purchased one of our Diaper Cakes, we will provide them with a complete, step-by-step guide on how to put on the most memorable baby shower from start to finish.
Our free "Complete Baby Shower Package" includes a researched, all inclusive list of the best links to find theme decorations, tableware, invitations, favors and much more, all coordinated to your chosen diaper cake. Also included are numerous free baby shower game ideas, a large selection of delectable recipes to plan your perfect menu, tips on how to get started, what not to forget and the "Top 6 things to think about" when choosing the type of baby shower that you want to have.
For more information visit our Complete Baby Shower Package page

6. New ideas.
Every diaper cake that we create for our customers is a handmade work of love, created with a beautiful new baby in mind. That is why we are constantly coming up with new and innovative designs for our diaper cakes, that will not only make the new Mom or Dad very happy, but will also make your next baby shower the talk of the town.
Our unique and fresh ideas are what help us stand apart from other companies and why our customers are always completely satisfied with their diaper cakes

In our experience, we have never come across an occasion in which our diaper cakes would not be the perfect gift for new parents.

- Showcase one of our diaper cakes as the centerpiece for your next baby shower, or give a as a one of a kind baby shower gift.
- Instead of flowers or balloons that will only last for a short time, the new parents will not only love our eye-catching diaper cakes but also all of the quality baby products that our diaper cakes are created with.
- Welcome home Baby and Mommy (we receive many special order diaper cake requests as surprise gifts from Dads to Moms)
- Give a diaper cake for a Christening gift.

Because our diaper cakes are guaranteed to be useful to every new parent, they are a popular gift choice for anyone to give.

- Set up a corporate account, for Mom's and Dad's celebrating new babies.
- Our larger, all-inclusive diaper cakes are the perfect gift for a group of people to purchase for teachers, secretaries, co-workers etc.

- Order one of our diaper cakes and send it to an out-of-town relative. We deliver across Canada.
- Donate one of our diaper cakes to a charitable organization to benefit single, struggling parents or as silent auction items for fundraisers.

View Our Complete Diaper Cake Catalog. Click Here.

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